Thursday, October 17, 2013

Olive Update


Olive is starting to turn into a real kitty. She's figuring out this love thing (though she still hasn't quite got cuddles down) and has an endearing awkwardness when she rubs against us.

She seems pretty smart - she watches the other kitties a lot and seems to use them as a model of what to do. Which is great when it comes to learning how to deliver toy mice to loving parents, not so great when it comes to scratching on the back of our chairs. She and Gidget are tussling a lot together, most of which seems consensual so I try not to hover and worry too much. Though I am looking forward to the day I interrupt a mutual grooming session instead of a session of mutual bunny-kicking-the-other-kitty's-head.

She's starting to get a little squishy so I probably need to watch her food intake as she will eat pretty much whatever is put in front of her. (She even likes eating lettuce. Strange kitty.) But at the same time, the rounded edges make me feel like she is truly our kitty and no longer the scraggly little (swollen) stray we picked up two months ago.


  1. OMG! In this picture, she is totally a mini-Molly, who is sitting next to me for quick reference! And love the roadrunner pictures! Are you going to take some pictures of the inside of your house now that you've moved in? Would love to see how it looks. Love you all lots, halloween box on its way, Go Cardinals!! MIL

    1. Aw! I hope she ends up as fluffy as Molly! Her fluff is starting to grow in, but I don't know where it will end up yet...

      And yes, I will have to take some pics of the house! Though we still only have a few pictures on the wall so I don't feel like we are fully moved in yet! Shoot, Dan still hasn't unpacked his bedside table boxes! Though we do have some painting plans in the future, which is exciting - we just have to find time to be at the house and get stuff done. It seems like we've been so busy lately - it's crazy!