Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two Things

I learned two things today:

1) Never put jalapeƱo seeds down the garbage disposal (unless you want to napalm your sinuses the about two nanoseconds after you turn the disposal on) and

2) Gidget is a shameless rule breaker.

Bad Kitty

(Kitties are not allowed on the table. However the first time I saw her up there, I yelled at her to get down and she just flicked her ears at me. Agog at (and somewhat admiring of) her boldness, I took a picture to show Dan the blatant rule-breaking, then removed her from the table.

The second time, I removed her and put her in a more kitty-appropriate window-gazing spot.

The third time, I was finally loud enough that I might have gotten through to her - she actually got down off the table quite rapidly.

Of course, those three times were within 15 minutes and I was in the kitchen - about ten feet away - each time she got up there. No shame. None. At least the other kitties wait until I'm in a different part of the house before getting on the table or counters.)


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