Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Had A Visitor

Not too long ago, Dan and I were discussing the fact that we hadn't seen the roadrunner(s) around lately. Someone on the neighborhood email group mentioned seeing a hawk eat one last week, so I think we were a little worried something had happened to (them/)him.

Happily, though, the rain over the past few days apparently brought out a lot of bugs and they, in turn, brought out the roadrunner!


The kitties were fantastically interested in watching him strut across the yard, eating bugs (and sadly, a butterfly). And, of course, I enjoyed stalking him too as he meandered across the yard snacking.

I'm pretty sure at one point he heard my camera because the little comb went up and he went into alert mode.


Once he had a little freak out, though, he seemed to realize that I wasn't going to bother him and he went back to snacking. But he did alternate eating with watching me cautiously.


Yay for roadrunners!

Now if I could just manage to get a picture of the rabbit that I think lives in the back...


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