Thursday, May 22, 2014

All Signs Point to Yes

Got a call from my gastroenterologist's office: the biopsies taken during my endoscopy confirm celiac disease. Not really a surprise, but it's nice to basically wrap my diagnosis up in a big official celiac bow.

This means now that I get a checkmark beside all five of the things doctors look for when diagnosing celiac: symptoms compatible with the disease, positive blood tests, genetic markers, intestinal damage found via endoscopy, and symptom resolution on a gluten free diet. That last one was kind of sketchy for a bit but it seems that this super strict diet I'm on has finally calmed stuff down so I'm not reacting to everything. I'm not ready to switch to an all-rice diet, but so far it seems like I can sneak some in without horrible ramifications, so yay!

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  1. Poor baby, I'll send you a chicken next week to make you feel better. Love you to pieces, MIL