Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Deal

Today was my gastroenterologist appointment. Here's how things ended up:
  • I have an endoscopy scheduled for Monday. The doctor feels that there will be enough abnormality even though I've been gluten-free for six weeks, especially as I'm still reacting to things.
  • I was given a prescription for prednisone to take care of my joint pain in the short term. It is set to taper down gradually over the next four weeks so I'll be on a low dose when I see the rheumatologist.
  • The doctor said that I definitely have celiac but my blood work is "interesting" enough (and I'm still having issues) so he thinks I also have some other immune abnormality, likely a connective tissue disorder. He said the rheumatologist should be able to figure it out more specifically. Whatever it is, it is not something that will resolve with a gluten-free diet but will require lifelong medication & management. Joy.
  • I am to stay on my (crazy restrictive) gluten-free (grain-free, completely non-processed) diet and continue to avoid things I react to (like rice, which he found to be kind of unbelievable but apparently not super uncommon as he said he's had people feel like they were reacting to water) and, as I feel better, have little mini food challenges to see what I can add back in.
And I think that's it. Not exactly the good news I was hoping for (as I was hoping the joint issues would be celiac related and thus eventually resolve), but at least the endoscopy happening so soon and without a gluten challenge is exactly what I was hoping for so mixed results, I guess. Already I can tell a difference due to the steroids though - I'm actually able to type without jolts of pain. Yay medications!


  1. Yay steroids!!! I'm sorry the visit wasn't all you hoped it would be. I wonder what they will find out or declare on your Monday visit? And I'm sorry to hear about your joints.... :( I'm glad to hear that your doctor is such a good one!

    1. Monday's really just about getting the procedure done. I'll be pretty out of it afterwards, I'm sure. And the doc will have to study the biopsies he takes (I assume). So I'm guessing the results will be sometime in the future, but I don't know how long they will take.

      And steroids totally rock! I still have pain but I can actually function fairly normally in small doses. It's kind of awesome!