Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Blooming Things

It seems like almost everyday that I discover something new blooming in our yard. I quite like taking a daily walk just to see what else is out there. Today offered what I believe are a couple types of flax, more scarlet gaura, some Texas vervain... and some weird not-gourd thing.

Stiff-Stem Flax
Blue Flax
Scarlet Gaura
Texas Vervain

There are couple of these things in the yard. One looks like it has bloomed (or whatever it is they do) but this one looks... well, weird, but also like it might be getting ready to do something. No clue what it is or will do but I'm keeping an eye on it in case what it does is something interesting.

Weird Future Bloom Thing

ETA: It's a seed pod from antelope horn milkweed (thanks, dad!). The blooms of the plant look like this:

Antelope Horn Milkweed


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