Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Got a Sunburn!

Well, spring is officially here - the wildflowers are blooming like mad! Yesterday, Dan and I went to my parents' place for lunch and wildflower pictures. The weather was lovely - to the point of hot, actually. While walking around look at all the wildflower patches, I actually ended up getting sunburned on my neck! Which means pool season should arrive any day now. Yay!

Of course, it also means I took a lot of pictures. A lot. But I've narrowed it down to my favorite 60 or so. Hehe. I bet you can guess that this slideshow is a long one.

(You can always see them in non-slideshow format here on Flickr.)


  1. Sorry about the sunburn, but you sure got gorgeous pictures. Love, MIL

    1. Thanks! In all honesty, I'm not upset about the sunburn - it's just too nice to have weather where a sunburn is possible!