Sunday, March 18, 2012

Productivity Has Occurred!

My porch has had a rather difficult winter. Once fall truly hit, Dan and I pulled all the pool stuff in and put the plastic up around the porch... and then kind of forgot about it. I had intended to clean it up and get it neat all winter, but injuries, illness and cold weather all conspired against me. Last weekend I had plans to clean the porch but came down with some sinus issues and the weather was super cold so I let myself be lazy instead. This weekend, however, all the factors converged nicely and I was able to not only clean the porch, but repot a massive number of plants and clean off the super-messy plant stand in our bedroom. How exciting!

Okay, maybe not exciting for the world at large, but Dan and I find it pretty nifty. The porch is a useable room again!

It's Clean!

And I repotted a lot of plants. Before the massive clean, I had one lonely plant on the outside plant stand. Now I have lots!

Repotted Plants

Some of these plants will move back inside once they've had a chance to root nicely (specifically the spider plants since the kitties like to snack on them) but until then, our inside plant stand is pretty naked.

The Un-Plant Stand

I'm hoping (and aiming) for the inside plant stand to stay on the more spartan side of things even when I bring a few actual plants since before it managed to get pretty overrun. I should have taken some before pictures, but at the same time I'm kind of glad there is no actual proof about how bad it looked.

In other organizational news, I also managed to straighten up my tea pantry. Which is nice because it means I can find things easier, at least for a little bit. Want to see what just under one hundred teas looks like?

My Tea

It's three and four tins deep in most sections. Also, I have it ordered by tea type because I'm a big giant nerd.

But I'm a big giant nerd with a lot of awesome (and accessible!) tea, a clean plant stand and a homey, comfortable porch so I'm happy!


  1. Way cool. Are you SURE there aren't more than 100 teas there? 1,2,3,4,5,6..... Such a fun girl, I am such a lucky MIL to have you as a DIL, and I thank God often for that fact. Love you to bit and pieces, MIL

    1. Hehe! Well, if my database is up-to-date (which 1) it should be and 2) I believe I already mentioned I'm a big nerd), then technically it is 94 teas. :D

  2. Porch and plant stand AND tea stash all look great! Come on over and work on the barn for me! :) Now you're porch is all clean, it's a great place to have a cup of tea, isn't it? mom

    1. Ha! I think I'll pass - I've got several more things on my list before I can decide to be nuts enough to go after your barn! :)