Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Lace!

OMG, y'all. I think I'm finally starting to understand the mysteries of knitted lace. I just finished my third lace project, by far the most ambitious to date.

Tulipe Doily

I actually made a few mistakes and had to go back and fix them, but I finally, finally have enough of a grasp of what is going on with all the yarn overs and decreases and all that stuff that I was actually ABLE TO FIX MY MISTAKES PROPERLY!

That's huge, y'all. HUGE!

Now, I'm not saying I understand enough about knitting lace to start designing my own or anything - I'll leave that to the knitting geniuses, of which I am not (I don't even dare attempt to design a crocheted doily - too much brainpower required!) - but the mysteries of lace aren't quite so mysterious any more.

As for the pattern, it is seriously awesome. I can't peg exactly why but I had a blast knitting this. Now, I did have one particular day that was a bit difficult, but that wasn't the pattern's fault. (Some days my brain isn't snappy enough to knit. One day I will learn to actually not knit on these days.)

I will say, I absolutely detested the yarn - Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi. It's a running theme with this yarn, actually. It's so pretty but it untwists, fuzzes and splits like mad. So not the right choice for this project, but I wanted a yarn with a gradual color change and that was what I had. But I still enjoyed knitting this so much that I am seriously considering making another one (in a different yarn). And I virtually never repeat a pattern once I've made it. It's like a video game - if I've finished the pattern, I've successfully completed that crafting level so why replay it? (It's not like a pattern has special Easter eggs to find.) But this pattern? I'm itching to make another one.


  1. One of the prettiest Tulipes I've seen! Beautiful work, Amanda!

    1. Thank you, Linda! It really was so much fun to knit - I actually cast on for another one last night! :)