Monday, April 30, 2012

Magically Growing Plants!

Look at how much my little plants have grown! They're all so tall!

Magically Growing Garden

Uh, okay, it's really not all that amazing because these are not my seedlings. My seedlings were either stunted or killed by dampening off. Blah. So Saturday, Dan and I ran out to the local(-ish) nursery and picked up all sorts of goodies.

We got:
  • Okra x2 (Spineless of some type or another)
  • Tomatoes x6 (Roma x3, Rutgers x1, Marglobe x2)
  • Peppers x2 (Jalepeno and Hot Banana Pepper) [added to the Cayenne x4 remaining from the peppers my parents gave us that the sun didn't cook before I repotted them]
  • Squash x2 (Crookneck and a white majestic or something-or-other that sounded interesting) [these were our unplanned impulse purchases... much better than the lime tree we were eyeing earlier (which is the result of a joke made a while back by Dan, but something I'm seriously considering apparently, which is absurd, but hey, that fits with everything else I do!)]

Those all got added to some cilantro that I had already planted [and whose growth has yet to be stunted... maybe] and two pots of Fordhook lima beans and one pot of Golden Zucchini that I planted today.

Honestly, if I had found either limas or a fun zucchini at the nursery, I would have gotten them instead of going with the seeds again - once bitten, twice shy and all. Hopefully this seed attempt will go better than the previous since my poppa came by last week and checked out my set up and gave me some advice, which Dan and I implemented Saturday before planting the new plants.

So fingers crossed!


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