Friday, April 6, 2012

Still Growing!

Okay, first off, totally don't except (or fear) every-other-day updates for the entirety of the vegetable growing season. I'm sure things will taper off, it's just right now, lots of things are happening!


My tomato seedings are coming up (above), the radishes are being very enthusiastic (they are the tall things in the background of the pictures), my onions are very prolific (they look like a lot of tiny green snakes) and I even have a few spinach seedlings poking their heads out.

It looks like one set of radish seeds have decided not to do anything while most of the others have decided that at least two of them will sprout. (It does make me a little sad to know that I'll have to thin them out, but oh well.) I'm hoping the three spinach that are popping up are just the early ones and the rest will get their act in gear soon. I have zero complaints about the onions so far and I am already looking forward to thinning out the tomatoes (because I do not need the fruits of that many tomato plants).

I'm hoping that this weekend I'll be able to put the radish seedlings into their full-size pots (apparently I could have initially planted them in there but eh, live and learn) and get some other seeds started. Herbs maybe? We shall see. I'm sure I'll post about it!


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