Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meh and Yay!

I've got a bit of a 'good news, bad news' thing going on in my yard.

First, the bad news: my veggie-type plants are unhappy. My one okra outside is still alive (though a bit nibbled on) however my tomato plans are dampening off. Basically, they are weak little seedlings and couldn't fight off fungus and are now dying. Sigh. I thought my okra was having the same issue, but this morning when I looked again it appeared to be okay. So I went ahead and planted the remaining two seedlings in the pot to see if they will all live (or die) together.

As for the tomato issues, Dan and I are going to run out this weekend to get some more grown up tomato plants to give it another shot with something a bit sturdier than a seedling. Hopefully that will get us back on track. I still have to plant the zucchini and butter beans. I'm waiting until it's a little warmer since it still has been dipping into the low 50's at night.

Overall not horrible news but the dampening off is particularly discouraging. Still unfun growing news.

So now the fun growing news! Another of my Clark Garden irises is blooming!

Not a Snake

This one is labeled as Anaconda Love, but it looks nothing like what Google says Anaconda Love looks like. Not that Anaconda Love isn't a pretty flower, but mine, whatever it is, is much prettier. Look at that little glowing purply-blue in the middle of the petal? LOVELY! When I get sad about my tomatoes, I just look at my not-a-snake iris and have to smile.


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