Thursday, April 19, 2012

No, Seriously. I Hate You.

Something is eating my okra. And it isn't me.

I planted 6 little seedlings earlier. Now they all look like this:

My Okra

Boo! Something (that I hate very much) is eating all the leaves off of my okra babies!

So yesterday I (okay, Dan, but it was at my request) got some worm/caterpillar/larvae/etc killer (Dipel Dust) to hopefully take care of the problem. Fortunately, I have a few more seedlings on the porch that I was saving, just in case. Well, in case happened. I've planted one of the remaining plants outside as a buffet invitation for my okra-eaters and sprinkled it with the Dipel Dust. Hopefully, there will be some dead okra-eaters out there tomorrow.

In better news, some of my Clark Garden irises are blooming. Okay, right now it is just one of them, Brilliant Performance, but the iris-that-isn't-actually-Anaconda-Love has two buds on it, so hopefully in the next day or two I'll get photographic proof that it is something other than what the bucket is labeled. And then maybe I can figure out what it is. (Though I'm a bit doubtful on that since there are so many freaking varieties of iris (and I want them ALL!) and there are a lot of ones that look alike, so yeah, my chances are probably not good.) But until then, look at the pretty peach and orange iris.

Brilliant Performance


  1. That one is gorgeous! So, that's one you bought a couple weeks ago?

    1. Yes it is! And the purply one is opening up today so expect a picture of that soon!