Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is That You Spring?

Finally, it's a lovely day today! Like a roll-your-windows-down-and-beware-of-sunburn kind of day. It's like summer is trying to happen! I question if it is really here to stay though because we haven't even seemed to have a real spring yet. The weather doesn't stay nice for more than a day and we had to have the heat on as recently as last week.

It makes me rather grumpy. I need sun! I need summer! I need pool-appropriate weather! And each time I think it is here to stay, bleck, nope. Back to overcast and cool/cold. Boo.

My poor irises were blooming so profusely last week. But then we hit 36° overnight and they all shriveled up and ran away. Kind of like I wanted to do. But maybe, maybe, maybe this time the weather really means it. And while my irises are no longer pretty, I do have a few things in my yard in bloom. One of them is a first-time bloomer: our pecan tree!

Pecan Blossoms

Theoretically we could have pecans this fall. Just in time to move!


  1. It's been chilly here in Maryland, so cold in fact that it got down to
    34 F a few days ago. How insane is that? I'm a bit grumpy since that means my shipment of honeybees is delayed (again). Hopefully they'll be here at the end of this month. Their hive is ready for them, I just need my honeybees. *taps fingers impatiently

    1. Crazy! I hope you get your bees soon! That sounds pretty awesome!