Sunday, May 26, 2013

It Burns

Happy Memorial Day Eve, y'all! Dan and I have just returned from a weekend in Louisiana at Mudbug Madness where we ate, drank and were generally merry. I even got the first pool time of the year at the hotel, which was really nice. And I managed to eat a record (for me) number of boxes of crawfish with a whopping six and a half.


Crawfish can be a little tough to break into, though, and Dan and I are both returning with crawfish-related injuries - our thumbs are all cut up! And when you are eating something coated in cayenne... well, let's just say even my non-shredded fingers are feeling a bit like burning. Add broken skin into the equation... Yeah.

Mudbug Madness 2013

They were yummy, though, so it was worth it.


  1. Good job with the boxes! Umm, has it just been too long for my memory- or are they WAY bigger than a few years ago? I barely remember how to eat them! For shame.

    1. Same size but I didn't get the corn and potatoes, so it does have a few more crawfish than you might remember. You should join us sometime! You too can have crawfish-related injuries! (Though I'm all healed now.)

    2. I would love to join you! I remember the torn up thumbs! I seriously can't even remember if you get meat out of the pinchers. No, right? Don't you only get meat out of the body? Anyway. Would also love to get more of those candles. Muscadine scented? Yes please!!! :D

    3. The big pinchers you can sometimes. But yeah, the main meat comes from the tail.
      And I was trying to be so good but I ended up buying 3 candles. Sweet olive, Sun & Sand and Lemongrass. Nummy!