Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Familial Insanity

Sometimes, Dan brings home strays from work. Most recently, monitor arms. So now his office looks like this:

Dan's Insanity

Insane, yes? Completely. You would not believe the glow that comes from the office now even when the lights are off.

Disturbingly, the mounting arms have the ability to mount two more monitors. Thankfully, Dan does not have two more monitors to mount. Yet.

My insanity, however, takes up much less space - and electricity. Knitting needles!

KA Switch Short Set

These will not, however replace my delightful and much loved HiyaHiya Sharps. No, these are special, tiny needles. It's hard to tell in the first picture because there is no size reference, so try this one on for size.

2" Needle Tips

Yep, tiny needles. Two inches, in fact. They are for making nine inch circulars and I'm so excited about them. After I finish my current project, I'm going to try these babies out by making some socks for Dan.

Speaking of needles, though, I keep forgetting to mention: I now have a full set (plus an extra needle or two) of my wonderful HiyaHiya Sharps.

HiyaHiya Needles

Seriously, if you knit, try these needles. There's no universally perfect needle that everyone will love, but I think these are pretty dang close.

So now I'm all stocked up needles. Wonderful, lovely needles! And Dan's fully stocked up on monitors. You hear that, Dan? No more monitors!


  1. That bag that you use as storage is perfect! Where did you get that???

    1. That's actually the case that came with the set! Lovely, isn't it?

  2. I love my Hiya Hiyas, I snapped up the large sharp set a few weeks after they were released. I have you to thank for turning me onto them, since that's how I stumbled upon your blog (Darn Pretty Needles review that led me to your Hiya Hiya review.)

    I have a pair of tiny knitting needles. They're Hiya Hiya Steel Sharp size 0. When I opened the package my first reaction was, Wow these needles are small! I started knitting a pair of socks using them. I must admit they're a bit different than knitting with my regular Hiya Hiya Sharps. I'm sure what my thoughts are about them (yet). I figure that I'll get used to knitting with them before I form an opinion about them.

    1. I'm so glad I helped lead you to them - I just think they are wonderful.

      9" circs are rather interesting to work with, aren't they? I really enjoyed using the KA ones while making socks on vacation. In my perfect world, HiyaHiya would offer the tiny 2" interchangeables down to US0, but since they don't, I will be content with my KAs for socks. I thought about getting a lot of fixed HH 9" circs but like being able to put a longer cable in easily to try on the sock. Though I have a feeling that the bamboo will make me appreciate the texture of the Sharps even more when I use them!