Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Just a little update as I've been rather quiet lately. The quiet has been because of the lack of good weather. It makes me so grumpy and blah feeling. Fortunately yesterday was a delightful 82° but it hasn't been all that long ago (just over a week) that we had a 36° morning. And let's not even discuss the rain. So yeah, solar powered as I am, I have not been having a good spring. We still have the plastic over the screened porch and I can't even begin to guess when we can put the pool up. It's all very depressing. Boo.

I've been managing to get some knitting done, though. Currently I'm working on a (slightly obnoxiously colored) pair of socks. I'm hoping to have those done in the next week to ten days. I'm sure I'll post about them when they are done, but you can hit the link above to see some in-progress pics (if, for some reason, you actually care). They are working up a bit snug due to the stitch pattern. Hopefully I won't have to find them a home when they are done.

In other news, the house next door has officially been sold. The new owners have been moving their things in all day. So there goes Dan's side job of lawn mowing. I don't think he'll extend the offer to the new neighbors - the last year or so he's been hoping our old neighbors would decide to cut their own lawn, regardless of how nice a bit of extra cash is. But they did end up paying for our old lawn mower, one mow at a time, so we can't be too unhappy with how that all worked out. Also good news, the new neighbors appear to be an older couple. Grandkids are always a possibility, but it does look like they will be overall a quite family to have next door. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of moving, Dan and I are semi-officially looking for a new home. Semi-officially for the next few weeks and then, at the end of May, officially. I imagine it will take us a while to find exactly what we want as we are both quite picky so who knows when we will actually be moving, but we are hoping for Christmas in a new house. I've already offered up my potential new dining room for the family dinner!

And in the last bit of news, playoff hockey starts tonight. Both my team and Dan's made it in. Yay! The Ducks were #2 in the Western Conference (& the Pacific Division winners) while they Blues were #4 (and #2 in the Central Division). Naturally, I'd love to see one of our teams win, but I'm kind of prepared for Chicago to hoist the cup. They've been burning it up this year.

And that's all the news that is (or isn't) news at the moment. All rather boring. But with nicer weather comes more activity! So I hope today's and yesterday's sun means normal weather is here to stay. I really need to soak up some vitamin D!


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