Friday, April 5, 2013

More Socks!

And it's another project I get to mark as finished! My Turkish bed socks!

Turkish Bed Socks

Footies are rather hard to photograph attractively, but I did what I could. You can see how they actually fit on my Ravelry project page (link above) if you are just dying to see them being worn.

Anyway, it was a really neat, quick and interesting project. Honestly, I think I could totally make them again without wanting to claw my eyes out (somewhat of a rarity as I'm usually not one for repeating patterns).

I'm totally getting into this whole knitted sock thing. Which is good, because I'm already working on a new pair! I'm about two thirds of the way done with the first sock and so far it's super cute. Hopefully I'll finish the first sock and be able to cast on for the second on this weekend. (I am trying the whole one at a time thing with the socks to see how it works. I will admit, while this way makes the sock seem to go quicker, I'm a little sad knowing I'm only almost half way done instead of being almost completely done, you know?)

I swear, someday something non-knitting related will happen in my life and I'll post about that. Promise!


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