Saturday, April 6, 2013

Like A Bandit

Today was a big day. It was the much-anticipated DFW Fiber Fest outing day. Or, as I have been calling it, Yarn Day. I spent way too much money (because Dan is a dirty, rotten enabler) and got some way awesome goodies.

See? (Clicking on a pic will take you to Flickr where I have the names and fiber content of each yarn cause they are simply that delicious.)

Paca-Peds Dreamsicle Gynx Yarns Luxe Sock Florence Western Sky Knits North Sea Budding Sock Yarn Minty Mocha Gynx Yarn Merino Sock Playa A Thing For String Sock Stained Tosh Merino Light Spectrum Gritty Knits Mighty Grenade BuenaSuerte Cat's Paw Frankly Alarming Budding Sock Yarn Yuma A Thing For String Sock October Western Sky Knits Just Peachy Trinity Ridge Alpacas Fiber Studio White Alpaca

Crazy wonderful, yes? YES!

I'll admit, for some reason I was super attracted to the bright, somewhat obnoxious stuff. (Please note my dayglo pink and acid green lovelies. Seriously, their intensity cannot be accurately portrayed through photographs.) Dan did manage to steer me away from the bright rainbow colors, though. Most of my goodies have a 90% likelihood of being socks - now I know I love knitting socks and one skein will give me a pair, so win win! Dan also got a couple of skeins of socks (the two darker orange ones) so he's gonna get some socks, too!

Also exciting, I got a huge variety of types of yarn. Even some with buffalo! I can't wait to see how everything knits up! Yay! Happy Yarn Day!


  1. I think it's fun you picked bright stuff! I mean, how often do you see a hot pink crocheted/knitted oven mitt? :D

    1. Oh, these beauties won't be for something as mundane as a pot holder! They shall be socks. Maybe gloves or fingerless mittens. And maybe a hat or shawl. Lovely, pet-able things!