Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Not Knitting!

Look, I'm posting about something that isn't knitting! I suppose it is still technically craft-related, but it's craft beer, not arts & crafts.

Revolver Brewing

Yep, we went on another brewery tour! This one was Revolver Brewing. It's a really small brewery - it was new to Dan, probably because they don't even have a bottling machine, yet. All of their beer is sold in kegs at local restaurants & bars.

Revolver Brewing

Yep, a pretty small and new brewery, but Dan liked the logo (it is cool, isn't it?) so he was up for going to an event that would get us some beer glasses with a nifty logo. And we'd get to try some new beers, which is always a bonus.

They had five beers on tap, four of which are their normal ones and one super-special one that ran out really quickly (but not before Dan had a glass of it). They had a wheat beer that I was interested in trying (because I like wheat beers best, typically), but their Revolver Bock was my favorite (Dan's too, actually).

Revolver Brewing Revolver Brewing Revolver Brewing

Actually, both Dan and I were really pleased with the beers on offer. Even the ones I didn't like were still smooth and drinkable. Even their American blonde ale (their "normal" beer) was pretty good.

Revolver Brewing

We each had four "punches" available; each punch got us half of a 16-oz glass' worth of beer. Of course, their definition of "half" was a bit more generous than I think what you'd find in the dictionary. I did drink all of my bock and most of my wheat. Dan had my other two punches.

Revolver Brewing

Needless to say, I drove home.


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