Monday, April 22, 2013

I Knit Ridiculous Things

Sigh. I am apparently attracted to knitting ridiculous things. Take my latest project:

Flat Cap!

Yes, I knit myself a flat cap. I rarely even wear hats! Yet I sort of adore this one, mostly because of the absurdity. But outside of the absurdity of knitting a flat cap, I think it's pretty awesome.

Notes, additional pictures and random rambling are here on Ravelry. I'll admit, I'm kind of thinking of doing a second one in a more summer-appropriate yarn. So nuts!


  1. Cute - I love it. So you! Probably be good for Alaska!

    1. That was exactly my thinking! It won't be cold enough for my ear flap hat or other wooly winter hats, but a little bit of heat retention would not go amiss!