Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Knew?

Huh. Who knew that attempting to defer an emotional stress-related freak out could result in finished socks.


Technically, they aren't completely finished - they still have to finish blocking - but my input into the process is finished, so I'm calling them done.

I didn't think I'd finish these by my self-imposed deadline of today. I mean, I figured I had about a 40% chance. But there we go. At least stress can have a positive result!

The stitch pattern made the fabric created rather tight so I shortened the leg of these and didn't do the stitch pattern on the foot. If I had to do these over again, I'd go up to at least a US2. Maybe even a US2.5 for the leg then a US2 for the heel flap and points south. Then I could probably do a full-lengthed leg and put the stitch pattern on the foot.

I have learned from this endeavor that, while I think they are pretty, crossed stitches are crazy slow and kind of mean. I think I'll be avoiding crossed stitches in the future.


  1. I love the colors you used for your socks! I participated in a Hiya Hiya sock knit along on Ravelry. I was delayed since I forgot that I'd given my Knit Picks sock knitting needles to a friend. I received my Hiya Hiya sock knitting needles earlier this week and I'm hoping to cast on sometime this weekend. I was a bit sidetracked. I was working on a amigurumi voodoo doll for my daughters bday. She turns 10 next week.

    Now that's its finished I can start on socks for me!

    1. Thank you! I'll have to hunt down your voodoo doll project - that sounds neat! And well worth a delay in casting on for the KAL!

  2. I didn't put the doll together until yesterday. My daughter always seemed to be around so I finally attached the limbs yesterday while she was at school. Which was perfect, since that was her bday.

    She loves the doll and has named it "Izzy". I've already received requests from some of her classmates. My daughter now wants to make clothes for the doll. I guess we'll be sewing some clothing for her this coming weekend. I have a sewing machine that embroiders also, so I plan to add a few cute details to whatever we end up designing/sewing.

    1. I keep going back to look at your project because that is so cute and funny! Adorable!