Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cone of Shame

Bitty is slowly recovering from the surgery that removed the mast cell tumor on her ear. She's on pain medication so she's a bit loopy, but she's no longer hiding under the bed all the time, which is a good thing. In fact, right now she's on top of the bed, napping with Dan.

Cone of Shame

The pain medication does make her sleepy but the cone is the biggest problem right now. It's to keep her from scratching her stitches out but it's also making it difficult for her to fit her face into the food bowl. We've tested a few different solutions out and think we've hit upon something that works - a huge bowl piled high with food. Doing it this way means she can eat fairly easily but it also means that she ends up frequently turning her cone into a shovel and dumping food all over the place. Sam and Chloe are really enjoying cleaning up after her.

The ear visible in the picture above is the ear that had the tumor. It actually looks really good - the vet did a great job! The bottom of the ear is a little higher than the other ear but I think that once the hair grows in the difference will be almost invisible.

We should find out the biopsy results next week so keep an eye out for that (hopefully good) news!

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  1. Oh sweet thing!! I'm glad she's resting safely at home and making lots of kibble messes :) Kisses and whisker petting, from me.