Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tumor News

Just heard from the vet. The test results are in from Bitty's tumor and it was confirmed that it was a mast cell tumor. Fortunately, those are usually benign in cats and they were able to remove it entirely. We'll still need to watch for further spots, but it's not likely to be anything that requires any more treatment beyond a simple removal.


That being said, we still have to figure out what is going on in her left ear canal with the goop and the blood. There are a few possibilities but the one we are leaning towards is just a bad infection that will take longer to clear up than the one in her right ear. There is still a slim chance it could be another tumor.

Bitty goes back Tuesday to have her sutures out and she'll get her ear canal checked out then. We are washing her ear with medicine daily so hopefully that will clear everything up. Fingers crossed that next week we'll have a cone-free, fully healthy Bitty!

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  1. Good to hear Little Bit, you have been in my kitty-prayers. Hope you are letting Mommy and Daddy wash your ear out without too much fuss, they want the very best for you and for your ear to get all well. Lots of love to you and the others from Grandma Z