Sunday, June 23, 2013

House-ular Updates

So Dan and I are gearing up to move! Okay, at this point 99% of the preparation is mental but still, it's a big deal! The house we put the offer in on is pretty much ours now. Well, you know, except for the payment thing. The inspection uncovered some roof issues but the sellers are now replacing the roof. So once that is done, we can move on to closing! Currently our closing date is set for July 25. One day late, but I'm totally saying that Dan's buying me a house for my birthday. Again.

Of course, this means we've been figuring out how we'll set up the new house. It's an acre lot (no pool - yet) so we're thinking a push mower isn't going to cut it. And we'll have two extra rooms and an extra half bath to furnish. We'll need rugs. And speaker cable to run. And cabinet organization things. A shower curtain. The list is getting kind of long. I have a feeling we will be handing over lots of money to places like Ikea, the Container Store and Costco in the near future! (So yeah, if you get stuck on gift ideas for us for the next year or so, gift cards would be lovely!)

On the other side of the coin, we are starting to make another (slightly shorter) list of what we need to do with our current house before we sell it. Dan's already gotten rid of a couple of dead bushes this weekend so that can be checked off. But we've got a bit of carpet repair to do and we are trying to figure out how little re-painting we can get away with. And cleaning. And a yard sale.

It's going to be exciting to have the new house, but it's going to be sad to leave this one, too. I've got some built in shelves that Dan made for me that we won't be able to take and that's sad. Plus, this house was our first home together! We picked out the tile and counters and wood stain.... Bitty was born in this house!

But as sad as it will be to leave, I am looking forward to the next step. Especially since that next step includes getting a pool! (Of course, that means pool furniture gets added to the list.)


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