Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Turn!

I was so envious of Dan's snazzy slippers, I decided I needed to make some of my own!

Pink Slippers

Okay, so that was pre-felting. After felting, they actually fit!


While they were wet, I put them on, letting them form to my feet. I've heard it is a great way to get slippers to perfect fitting slippers but I had never done it before. After doing it with these, I highly recommend it!

Another fun thing: this pattern was from one of my books I got for Christmas. Funnily enough, this wasn't the pattern that made me want the slipper book, but it's the first pattern I've made out of the book. Yay knitting-themed Christmas!

Also, not Christmas related, but this yarn? Felted beautifully. Even though I had to felt Dan's slippers down a lot more, his slippers seem to show stitch definition more than mine do. (For those potential felters out there, his slippers were made with Imperial Yarn Native Twist while mine used Berroco Peruvia Colors.) Sadly, the yarn I used has been discontinued but there's supposed to be a solid/heathered version of it (Berroco Peruvia) that is still in production so I might have to hunt some of that down because I have the urge to make felted slippers for everyone in the world.

Which reminds me: the first time I was introduced to felted slippers was in college. A friend across the hall had gotten a package from her mom with the biggest, floppiest slippers I had ever seen. She was so excited and I was really confused as to why but she said that her mom made them to be felted down so they would perfectly fit the recipients foot after being run though a washer. I totally didn't get it but a couple of days later, my friend popped in to show me the finished product - thick, un-floppy, normal sized slippers. I think she had even put them on wet so they'd form to her feet. Who knew I'd be doing the same thing almost 15 years later. (Gah. I can't believe it has been that long.)


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