Saturday, February 1, 2014


Well, I'm still sick, Dan has gotten sick, he's still a bit tense from his accident, we have no news on his car's repair, and Emmett has a hairball... but day before yesterday the rock wall and coping was finished! This morning they sprayed it down with some muriatic acid to clean it so we finally got to see it in its non-dusty glory.

Rock Wall & Coping

There are a couple of pieces that have some saw cuts on the face and will therefore be replaced (perhaps Monday) but I figured it's still done enough for me to post about it.

Monday they are supposed to start on the deck, but I don't imagine they'll get much done this week. They can't do anything when it could freeze and we are heading back into unhappy cold temps soon. Freezing weather is why the rock work took so long to finish - they had to skip a decent number of days that the mortar might have frozen at night. The joys of having a pool build in winter, I suppose!

Also, we have started the fence process by writing a check. The building should hopefully start this week. Hopefully it will be awesome.

Yay progress! Now if we could both shake this stupid cold...


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