Thursday, February 6, 2014

That's Not Sand

Surprisingly, some work got done on the pool yesterday. (Surprisingly because it was below freezing pretty much the whole day. I had never seen guys on a construction crew wearing fur-lined earflap hats. But now I have.) They framed out the decking, packed the area with sand then put down steel. It's all starting to look amazingly real.

Decking (and Snow)

Of course, when Dan looked out side this morning, he noticed that the sand they put down was really white. And... falling from the sky? No wait, that's snow. So yeah, probably not going to have any work done today, at least not on the pool. Fence guys might be here again but I'm not sure about their sartorial choices. (Yesterday there was nary an earflap hat amongst them.)

Also, I would like to say: what the what?? Snow? We should be gearing up for spring! What's with the snow? Was the week-long ice storm not enough for you this year? Stop it! Where is the sun??? I'm really going to need one of those to go with the pool! Stop with the whole winter thing!


  1. Yay! Lots of show work happening! Sad to tell you there may be MORE snow tomorrow! What is this - the twilight zone? Are we still in Texas?!

    1. NOOOOO! No more snow! And not just because they can't pour the concrete until it stays above freezing! :D