Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Every Time

It seems that every freaking time the weather warms up then drops to super-cold again, I get a cold. I am now on cold number three for the year and it feels like someone took a cheese grater to my throat this time. Of course, getting caught in the rain on Saturday probably didn't help.

Yesterday was nice though so I was able to self-medicate in the sun a bit. I was smarter this time and didn't get burned (though I did manage more tan lines). Sadly, the pool water is 60° so much too cold to get in. But we have Pool School tomorrow morning to learn about chemicals and how to use all the fancy buttons, so as soon as the water warms up, we will be good to go. How exciting!

Construction-wise, we still have a bunch of punch list items but that's been put on hold until we are able to get the fence closed up (so we don't get footprints from the neighbor's dog in the mastic). All that should be soon though!

Next step: we really need to get some green things around the pool. First step, grass. Next step, the world! (Okay, maybe not. But hopefully some palm trees.)


  1. Really truly palm trees? You can grow them there? Are you kidding? Or buying them at Rural King like I did. I am so happy for you guys! Happy tan lines and grandkitties to you! MIL

    1. For real palm trees! There are a handful of them that do good up in this area if you baby them for the first three years. Most are shrub-like but there are three that are true trees. Kind of exciting!

  2. Hmmm... how about a cherry tomato plant in a pot? We should have extras from the seeds I started. One variety is "chocolate cherry tomato".