Sunday, March 9, 2014


It took almost exactly 48 hours, but our pool is finally all filled up!


This doesn't mean it is ready to use, sadly. They still have to do the acid wash, clean and seal all the stone, get the skimmers functional, do the mastic joints, put the rocks down for the shower pad, and whatever all punch list items there are... but compared to what we've been through already? That's just tiny stuff.

Yay pool!

Other things on our soon-to-be-completed list include: closing up the fence, moving the septic sprayers, getting a little nook to hide the garbage cans in, and getting a new front door and storm door. (The other day I was sitting in the living room when a random stranger came by. She knocked on the door and, when I looked up, she waved at me. Yeah, we need a front door that doesn't have a huge block of clear glass on it. Random people trying to sell me something should not be able to get a full view of our living room.)


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