Sunday, March 30, 2014


Things on the Celiac front are doing good. At first I was swinging from feeling motivated and energetic to being paranoid about eating anything ever again. I'm still not to the point that I think I'll trust many people or places to prepare food for me but I feel pretty good about being able to at least feed myself.

Since diagnosis, I've had decent-ish pasta, good cheese bread and pretty good homemade bread. All gluten free. So yay! I also bought a consolation bread maker and lots of gluten-free baking-related goodies.

Bread Machine

The bread machine was delivered today (who delivers on Sunday? I have no idea but it showed up!) and I've already made my first loaf of bread.

First Bread

It wasn't exactly to the recipe (I somehow managed to not have brown rice flour even with all my flour purchasing, so I used teff, which gave it a different taste) and didn't rise quite as much as it should have, but it is definitely edible. It tastes a bit like cornbread drizzled with molasses. Not bad at all!

Hopefully next week I'll be making appointments with a gastroenterologist and rheumatologist (since my blood tests showed an indicator for rheumatoid arthritis, though hopefully that will go away once the gluten-free diet really kicks in) so I can get on with the whole endoscopy and super-official diagnoses.

And lots more bread making and experimenting - I imagine I'll be doing that next week, too. We've already eaten almost half of the loaf I baked today!

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  1. Oh my dearest DIL, pretty good looking bread. So life takes a different path, always interesting, sometimes a pain in the butt. Hopeful on the arthritis front. Love kitties for us. Love from MIL and FIL