Friday, March 14, 2014

Never Again

I made a sock!

Double Knit Socks

But it's a secret sock. Because inside it...

Double Knit Socks

... is another sock!

Double Knit Socks

It's done with double knitting and it meant that I was able to knit two socks at the same time, one inside the other.

And let me tell you: total pain in the neck. Crazy levels of slow and awkward and it was hard for me to get a consistent tension on the stitches, which meant my short row heels were kind of a mess. And, to make things really fun, the row height gauge was a little different between the two socks which means that the inner sock ended up about a quarter inch shorter (and slightly less stretchy) than the outer sock.

But! As unfun as this overall project was and as imperfect as the end result is, these socks mean that I have succeeded in the challenge that I set myself of learning how to do this very different method of knitting socks.

Plus, I ended up with cute socks.


(Ravelry project is here if you want to experience the true level of whining involved in this project.)


  1. Very cute socks!

  2. Awesome socks and way to go on challenging yourself, I wondered how hard it was to do this. I have seen other projects like this and thought maybe I should try but I think I will stick with 2 @ a time magic loop. :)

    1. Thanks! I won't say it was a fun challenge, but it was an educational one! Also makes me think I need to work on how I tension yarn for colorwork... :)