Friday, June 6, 2014

A Few New Ones

Is everyone dreadfully bored with all the pictures of flowers growing in my yard? It's either that or talk about food, the current main concern in my life. This seems friendlier. And prettier. (Though I am eating really well lately. And have discovered that I love Brussels sprouts. And dates. And scallops.)

Soon I'll talk a little about knitting, though. I'm sure that's massively exciting. I'm half way through my "real" twelfth pair of socks. They are pink and stripy.

Until then, I give you some new flowers I found in our yard this morning.

Prairie Bluet
Scarlet PeaMorning Glories

Also, there is a bird's nest in our front porch area has four baby birds in it.

One fell out of the nest yesterday but it seemed okay when we found it, so we put it back in (Cornell Lab of Ornithology says that is the right thing to do). But now, I worry. I don't want another bird to fall out or for our comings and goings through the front door to scare off the parents. I'm half tempted to put a pillow or something under the nest in case it happens again. And maybe a "Shh! Don't bother the baby birds!" sign for package delivery people.

Because birds have not been able to successfully reproduce without me hovering over them. Uh huh.

ETA: Baby birds!

Baby Barn Swallows


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