Sunday, June 8, 2014

News with Wings

Previously, I thought that the bird's nest on our front porch was a barn swallow nest but Dan and I saw a bird there feeding the babies yesterday and nope, not a barn swallow. Based on my Cornell Lab of Ornithology app and some googling, I'm pretty sure it's an Eastern Phoebe.

Eastern Phoebe

I've also learned a little bit about baby birds, including fecal sacs. Go ahead. Ask. I have pictures.

Anyway, the barn swallows are still around. Apparently our back porch fan is their hangout of choice.

Barn Swallows

And in other fun nature news, check out the guy I found trying to swim in our pool yesterday evening.

Large Tolype Moth Larva

He was a little over two inches long and quite the interesting little character. I rescued him from the pool then proceeded to camera-stalk him for a bit. Turns out he (or she really. I can't sex caterpillars, nor will I try) is a Large Tolype moth larva. I so hope I can see one of those moths around here. They are amazingly fluffy. Seriously, check it out! It's like Gidget in moth form!


  1. Ooo, totally awesome moth! I can definitely see the Gidgie in that one. Just don't let your chicken near it (did you read her story on her tag?) Love, MIL

    1. I did - it almost made me sad to eat eggs! :D And yes, I really hope I get a chance to see a Gidgie-moth live and in person!