Sunday, June 22, 2014

iPhone vs Flagstone

iPhone vs Flagstone

Flagstone wins.

In less than 24 hours, I have broken the juicing attachment to our food processor, damaged our food processor, shattered my phone's screen and flung my rings (wedding, engagement, and anniversary band) into the backyard. I was out by the pool and thought of getting my ereader, but honestly, I was too scared to touch it in case I managed to break it, too.

Thankfully, Dan is on the job finding out how to get replacement parts for the food processor and, in the mean time, I can still chop things in it. My rings were found after a short hunt (and we now have plans to get them resized). And we've already ordered a replacement screen for my phone that should come in around mid-week. (The phone is still useable. You just have to be very, very careful.) And Dan, ever the optimist, said that now for the cost of $45 and some curse words, he'll know how to replace an iPhone screen, because "everyone drops their goddamn iPhone".


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