Wednesday, June 11, 2014

They Grow Up So Fast!

It was just a week ago that Dan and I had to return a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. Then, all of the babies were just big eyeballs, gangly limbs and more skin that feather. But today, all four of the babies are flying!

All Grown Up

(Don't they have the most delightfully grumpy little faces? And yes, there are four of them. One is hiding.)

When we went out to get the mail today, all four baby birds zoomed out of the nest. They aren't the best fliers yet - one was having difficultly trying to land on our neighbor's wrought iron fence - but, man, they are fast!

I do hope they aren't gone for good though. I know they have to "leave the nest" sometime, but I enjoy having them around. (Well, I won't miss all the poop that is starting to build up on our front porch. Dan saw it and asked, "What happened to the fecal sacs?" Agreed.)


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