Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheater, Cheater, Pizza Eater

There are three gluten-filled things that I really love: bread, pasta and pizza (in that order). Because they are now no-nos, I've really been focusing on finding suitable replacements. I think I'm on a pretty good path with the bread thing (psyllium for the win!) and I've made some good headway on the pasta front (Bionaturae Fusilli is awesome, Jovial egg noodles are good (though they have a weird aftertaste if you eat them plain) and Tinkyada pasta is the devil incarnate). Which leaves me pizza.

The other night I had a pizza recipe all picked out to make when I realized that I misread the recipe; the prep time was not slightly over an hour but rather more than two hours. Oops.

So I cheated and used a box mix pizza crust (Chebe brand, if you are interested. Chebe: the best me-safe cheater bread in the world!) and ta-da! Pizza!


Honestly, it was pretty darn good. The Chebe calls for cheese in the mix so this ended up being a three cheese pizza (cheddar in the crust, mozzarella and parmesan as toppings). It's even good cold - a must for pizza as I do love it that way (though the herbs in the Chebe give it a little mustiness when eaten cold that isn't perfect).

So yay, awesome pizza! I'm pleased. But I still feel like a cheater. Sure, I made the pizza sauce from scratch but the crust came out of a box and I just can't let that slide. At some point I'm going to have to just block off two and a half hours to make "real" GF pizza crust. But first, I'm going to need to buy more mozzarella.