Saturday, April 26, 2014

Insert Evil Laugh Here

Sock pair number ten is done - and they are absurd!

Tiger Sandal Socks

Yes, they were made to go with sandals. Because I'm cool like that.

The whole celiac thing has caused horrible swelling and pain in my feet and hands. (I'm still dealing with it some, actually. Apparently my body is giving me a celiac-immune reaction to rice, too. Walking is not always my friend.) Anyway, when that happens, my sandals are the only thing that can give any relief (for my feet; they do nothing for my hands). Last month the weather turned cold again and I had to choose between cold feet or an inability to walk. I usually ended up with cold feet.

But now, I can walk and have warm feet! Well, once it gets cold again. I haven't worn any socks in about two weeks.

Next up: obnoxiously neon stripes!


  1. The socks turned out great. I think you are an awesomely cool hippie-girl! :) You've got the socks and the Birks - if you get the bell bottoms and work your way up to the garlands in the hair (hey - you've got the flowers in your yard!), you'll start a trend back to the 60's and 70's. Both were good decades! (for me anyway....)

    1. I've got some bootcut jeans - that's about as bellbottomed as I think I want to get! :)

      And thanks, I am please with the socks myself! I actually wore them yesterday morning when the temperature dropped and they worked great. (And looked awesome in my Birks. Hahah!)