Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not Color Adjusted

Last night was very cold. And yet Dan and I were outside for a good while last night, watching the eclipse. Of course the eclipse coincided with a major dip in the weather. It might have been 82° the day before, but last night was 42°. Cold. But pretty.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

I can see why they call it the blood moon.

In slightly other news, while we were out there watching the eclipse, we also saw Mars (it was orange!), Jupiter, and Saturn. While Mars and Jupiter were visible even during the full moon, Saturn didn't show up until the moon was mostly covered. When we first went outside, the moon was so bright barely any stars could be seen - just the super-bright ones. But once the eclipse started, tons of stars (and a planet!) showed up.

Cold, but enjoyable!


  1. Beautiful pictures! and I'm so glad you got your mitts finished, but you may have needed the fingers, too. Love, MIL

    1. Thanks! At some point I'm going to make gloves but I couldn't use my mittens last night since I was taking pictures. Or at least I couldn't use my normal (fingered?) mittens. Really hope it isn't that cold again here for a while! (And hope you did not get snow!)