Friday, April 18, 2014


I finished my ninth pair of socks for this year! Yay! I finished them off last night during the Blue's game; they are currently drying right now in a room that is too dark to get good pictures so those will come later. But yay! Socks!

But here's my problem: I had so much fun knitting these socks and they went so quickly (6 days) that I didn't spend any time contemplating what to knit next. Normally, I get close to finishing a project and my mind starts wandering to what I will do next. But these socks snuck up on me a bit (I had to spend yesterday off my foot because of random horrible foot pain) so they were done a whole day earlier than I anticipated.

So I know I want to knit socks. I just don't know what yarn I want to use. Eye-blinding neon stripes? Pastel rainbow variegated with contrasting blue toes and heels? Tiger stripes? I'm just so torn!


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