Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Opening Day

Guess what I did today!

The Pool is Open!

I went swimming! Whee! Our pool is chilly but swimmable and it's awesome! I couldn't stop smiling! I'm so excited! I have a pool! That doesn't require inflating! Yay!

Today was overcast and not super warm (mid-70s) but Dan and I were outside doing some yard work and it just seemed so tempting. So I put my feet in. It was fine. I went to the second step. Then the third. Then I ran inside to go put my swimsuit on and proceeded to officially swim in the pool!

Later, after I had called both pooling and yard work quits (because while the pool was swimmable, eventually it caused chill bumps), I went inside to get dinner ready but Dan decided he needed a beer. In the pool!

The Pool is Open!

I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow so it probably won't be good pooling weather but I'm so excited that our pool is officially a useable pool. YAY!!!

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