Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Guess They Work On Commission

Remember back in November when I gushed about my huge new pot? Well, we just got this in the mail.

Note from Le Creuset

Le Creuset sent us a handwritten "keep a good relationship with your customers" note four months after our purchase. I mean, I've had car dealers do that (our last dealership sent us cookies) but kitchenware?

Seriously, I'm not really sure what to think about that. It's a pot! (And okay, I love it and I want to go back to buy a small saucepan, but that's not the point!) It's a pot!


  1. Commision or not, that is cool!

    I got a sauce pan for Christmas, which I'm loving. Actually the gift was 'one item of LC cookware of my own choice'. Dithered a bit between frying pan and sauce pan. :) Have pretty much started collecting their ceramics as well now (in cherry red only, of course). I think I've got four or five things on my wishlist for my birthday this year, but generally everything except the plates. :)


    1. Yay for gifted LC! And good on you for having all matching ones! The first ones I got came in a set at Costco (a warehouse store here) - it was super cheap (relatively speaking) but only came in either blue or yellow. So I got one of each and determined to just always get a color mix. So I have red, orange, blue and yellow currently. Maybe I need to get a green saucepan!

    2. Well, you know, colour mix is also a theme. :)
      Will definitely get frying pan next.

    3. I'll admit, I pretty much have the desire to collect them all. Even though I only really need a saucepan. But they are so lovely I want everything! Including more cabinet space...