Friday, April 17, 2015

The Babies are Back!

The nest on our front porch is once again host to some Eastern phoebes (I think they are). Their faces are just as delightfully grumpy as last year.

Eastern phoebe
Eastern phoebe

There's a lot of other nature going on in our yard, too. Thankfully, the birds are the only ones that camp out at our front door. The rest, you have to go looking for.

Dainty Sulphur
Desert Grassland Whiptail
Clouded Sulphur (F)
Cobweb Skipper (M)
Carolina Wolf Spider
Common Checkered-Skipper

And naturally, there's some blooming stuff, too.

Antelope Horn
Some Kind of Blooming Grass?Pin Clover
Dotted Blue-eyed Grass


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