Thursday, April 16, 2015

So Much Stalking

A few new things are starting to bloom in the yard. We've got the first of the returning thelesperma and some scarlet gaura has been showing up, too (though I know from past years that will be fewer in number than the thelesperma). There's also one we haven't had in prior years - breadroot. It's just in the front yard so far so we'll have to adapt our mowing pattern for it.

Scarlet Gaura

I also spent some time in the back yard yesterday attempting to stalk some flying things. A few repeats have shown up but I still enjoy stalking them.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (M)
Orange Sulfur
Painted Crescent

We've also had a couple of new ones - a Monarch and a Nessus Sphinx (which flies like a hummingbird and is really hard to photograph!)

Monarch (F)
Nessus Sphinx

Lots of exciting stuff going on in the yard. Are you tired of hearing that yet? I'm sure you will be by the time the blooming is done in our yard. I mean, I still have to restrain myself from posting pictures of bluebonnets every time I mention yard things. I'm still so excited we have some in our yard this year!


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