Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Blooms

Lots of new stuff poking up in the yard. Not only new for this year, but new for our yard. Yay for spreading wildflower seeds!

Milk Vetch
Stemless Evening Primrose

We even have some bluebonnets! Of course, they could probably qualify for world's most pathetic bluebonnets, but I have some. Yay!

Bluebonnet Bluebonnet

And since things are blooming, that means pollinating things are flying about. Most of them so far are tiny little solid yellow butterflies or slightly larger spotted orange ones. But today, a nice little swallowtail visited.

Pipevine Swallowtail (F)

Yay spring! Now if the pool was just warm enough to enjoy...


  1. Gorgeous - love that butterfly with black/red!

    1. Thank you! And that butterfly is the largest I've seen so far this year. I stalked it for a bit. It loves the vervain!