Friday, April 24, 2015


It's not news that I've had a lot of problems off and on with my hands. Lately, it's seemed a lot more on for some reason I haven't totally figured out. But good news! I've discovered that knitting daily (ideally in the morning) really helps limber up my hands and decrease the overall pain. Naturally, I've used this knowledge only for of good. If by 'good' I mean 'knitting socks'. Which I totally do.

Staggering Monkeys Socks

it does mess with my gauge a tiny bit, starting out knitting with stiff, slow hands, but I'm alternating back and forth between the socks so it hasn't been a huge deal. (Though one sock has a much neater mini-gusset than the other - the messy one being the one I did first thing in the morning, the neat one after my hands had already begun loosening up.)

I've tried to talk Dan into seeing if I can get a doctor to prescribe me medicinal knitting so we can deduct my yarn purchases from our taxes. I don't think I convinced him of the need.

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