Monday, April 20, 2015

More Visitors (and Blooming Things)

Antelope Horn
Small White Flowers
Lady Bug
Monarch Larva
More Small White Flowers

In other yard news, though on the horrific side of things, Dan and I mowed yesterday. Which normally wouldn't rate as horrific, but this time, I apparently mowed over some smallish rodent. I mean, I stopped the mower once to rescue a skipper that was having trouble flying away and another time to allow a ladybug to remove itself from a flower I was about to mow over, yet somehow I managed to mow a mammal.

I'm kind of horrified. Like seriously had trouble getting to sleep because I kept seeing the resulting pieces. HORRIFYING.

And to add insult onto, well, mammal-cide, when I was using the blower to clean off the patio bits, I found a chunk of bird wing on our front door mat. Not a feather. Part of a wing. Not sure where the rest of the bird went. Really hope it didn't get mowed over. Or weed whacked. But are bad as Dan can be about accidentally weed whacking my irises (HOW DO YOU DO THAT? THERE IS A SIDEWALK BETWEEN THE YARD AND MY IRISES! HOW?!?!), I doubt he'd be so careless to weed whack a bird.

So yeah, not the happiest mowing experience yesterday. On the plus side, the baby birds on our front porch are all grown up and ready to fly! And turns out there were five of them (I had only counted four.) How do I know? That's how many dive bombed me from the nest when I went out to get the mail.

Eastern Pheobe
Eastern Pheobe


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