Friday, January 6, 2012

Healing, But...

Okay, officially, I'm still sick. But I'm starting to feel a little better. Not good, just better. But now I'm at that dangerous point in my healing that I feel cruddy enough that I can't really do anything but I feel non-miserable enough that I get bored. For instance, I tried ironing some of Dan's work shirts (because I really don't want him to have to go to work naked) but I had to stop after the fourth shirt when I noticed I was ironing wrinkles into the shirt. Oops.

But I got some goodies in the mail today, and that's occupied me for a good while now. Because I took pictures and now I'm blogging. See, occupied! (And occupied without wrinkling!) So what goodies did I get in the mail today?


Mmm, Lupicia

I got some flavored black teas from Lupicia that I ordered earlier this week. I have tried one of them (the Chocolate Strawberry Pu-erh) but the Budoh and Grapefruit I've only had as a green tea, not as a black. But I really liked the flavoring in the green so I thought I'd like them in a black tea (which I tend to prefer when it comes to flavored teas). We shall see!

But that's the normal tea that I got in today. I also got another, slightly more special tea (if only because it is a limited edition).

Andrews & Dunham's Thirsty Elf

I actually ordered this tea when I was posting this blog entry, so yay for speedy shipping! Honestly, reviews on Steepster haven't been overwhelmingly outstanding (though they've been in the low 80s (out of 100)) but I can't find it within myself to care because the tin is just too cool. Andrews & Dunham's Damn Fine Tea Series 6Last year's Christmas blend tin was pretty nifty (see right) but I think the Thirsty Elf tin is just super awesome. I'm definitely going to be keeping both tins intact and use them to store... something. Most tins I take the labels off and reuse for more tea, but these are too fun to do that to. Hopefully, the Thirsty Elf will taste at least as good as last year's Damn Fine Holiday Blend, because I did enjoy that and only have about one or two cup's worth of leaves left.

So yay for (slowish but still present) healing and fun tea!

Next up due to boredom: an overdue Dan beer update. (Though that might wait until tomorrow.)

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  1. hurray for the thirsty elf!! Get better,sweet girl, you have visiting in your future!!! Love, MIL