Thursday, January 19, 2012

Semis Suck

Apparently, some drivers don't think the evening commute is exciting enough. And when that is the case, apparently these drivers decide to add their own brand of excitement to stop-and-go traffic by turning it into a game of bumper cars. And apparently they do this by picking a car and then ramming into them not once, not twice, but three separate times, each time bumping that car down the highway for a bit before stopping, resting, then doing it all again.

Which really sucks. But it sucks even more when you are the car they pick to do this to.

Dent and Crunch

And it sucks even more when that driver aching for bumper car commuting excitement is in a semi.

Semis Suck

Yes. I got rear ended (a lot) by a freakin' semi. Fortunately, the not-so-accident happened at a very low rate of speed (probably about two miles per hour) so the damage to my car (and me) is not near as bad as it could have been given that I was, you know, rear ended repeatedly by a semi.

But the back of my car is dented and heavily scratched up (from metal on metal, as the nice officer kindly pointed out), the trunk latches but no longer seals, my taillights are both broken and the bumper is no longer aligned. And I'm not sure what (if anything) happens to the inner workings of one's car when a semi shoves it about 200 feet down the highway while the brakes are fully engaged, but I can't imagine it's anything positive. And let me tell you, after being shove-shove-shoved multiple times down the highway by a semi? I'm not feeling too hot either. (My chiro doesn't normally work on Fridays but I've already called her and she's going to see me tomorrow morning for some adjustment, therapy and acupuncture. I've dosed up with Excedrin and am icing my neck/back currently, too.)

Ironically, I had just been to the grocery store and picked up some herbal muscle rub.

Badger to the Rescue?

I mostly picked it up because, hello, badger! How fun! But I thought it might help with my post-yoga shoulder soreness (I'm trying to get some more upper body strength). Now, however, we get to see how it works on post-bumper-carred-by-a-semi soreness.


  1. Holy crap, you gotta not play with the semis on the highway, sweetie. And I'm not sure that your trip to the store helped any. You know what that famous video says, "Honey badger, she don't care!" Perhaps the semi took that as a taunt? So glad your car damage wasn't worse and hope your chiro can realign all the Amanda parts. Love, MIL

  2. What was the semi driver trying to do? 200 ft of bumper cars? Road Rage? Did you get pushed into the next car also?
    Glad you are OK!

  3. Tust me, if I had know how to elect out of the game-playing the semi driver decided to do, I totally would have! :) The driver told the police officer that he didn't see me, but honestly, I don't see how that is possible given I had gotten in his lane almost a mile before and with enough empty road between me and him that he had to have seen me. Plus, red car... not so easy to miss (because while the pictures were taken in the dark, the accident happened while it was full light out.) Based on what the witness said, the driver was waving his arms and yelling so I imagine that he was ticked off that I had allowed a decent amount of space in front of me to allow other cars to merge. Thankfully, that meant that I was far enough away from the car in front of me that I didn't get pushed into them.