Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rekindling the Romance

My car is back! I got the call that it was all fixed and washed and ready to be picked up so I took my little caped crusader (aka the Rental Avenger) down to the repair place to get my car. It looks so nice - shiny and clean and all in one undented piece!

On my drive home, I realized something. I have been taking my car for granted. Lately, Dan and I have thrown around the idea of replacing my car with something more grocery-getter appropriate. Cause my car? Can be easily defeated by a good Costco trip without even trying. (There's nothing like driving home with a 12-pack of toilet paper in the passenger seat.) So we had started talking about maybe thinking about possibly getting me a new car before this one is toast.

Driving home, I realized that it's a silly thought. The Avenger? That had a good trunk. And even a back seat that people with legs could sit in! It was very grocery-getter appropriate. But while it was nice, my car is fantastic. Sure, it doesn't have the auxiliary jack or the seat heater (or a large trunk or a roomy backseat). But getting in it is like tucking myself into a comfy leather cocoon (instead of rattling around in the plastic and dashboarded vastness that is the Avenger). And driving my car? Pure joy. It turns so nicely and feels solid, but not heavy or hard to control. (After some discussion with Dan, we figured the Avenger might have a bit too helpful power steering assist or something - it turns easily and responsively but turning the wheel is so light and easy, it kinda feels like it's not connected to anything.) Maybe it is because my car sits a good foot lower than the Avenger (gotta love that low center of gravity). Or maybe it is because my car is just awesome.

So yeah, it's 14 years old. And per the collision repair guy, it's probably going to turn dull pink some time in the future. (In '98 apparently Lexus didn't use a clear coat for the paint and since we never wax it, apparently that means it will fade and turn into one of those primer-looking cars, but in red (or pink).) And yeah, bits of the coating on the inside around the radio are flaking off in a few places. And there are a couple of holes in the leather (one due to high heels - oops). And okay, maybe the Top Gear guys think driving a Lexus is like sitting in a bucket of warm wallpaper paste. Well, apparently I like warm wallpaper paste, cause the drive home today reminded me how much I love my car.

I'm sure one day, my car and I will go our separate ways. Someday it will go to that big parking lot in the sky and I'll have to find a fun-driving replacement. But until then, I'm going to do my best to drive the wheels off.

And maybe wax it.


  1. You could always get the paint shop to put a clear coat finish over the existing paint...won't be cheap but it would stop the dull pink.


  2. Wowza. Dan just asked the body shop how much it would cost to paint the whole car.... $6000. Ouch! But the guy did suggest that getting some Color Magic wax for red cars would be a better (and more affordable) option and that it would even help fill the chipped spots in the hood. Works for me!